The Fungaia Laminar Flow Hood

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Instagram: The Fungaia Laminar Flow Hood opens new horizons in biology, making the benefits of sterile culture technique more accessible than ever before. At a fraction of the size and cost of comparable units, this compact, efficient, affordable design serves two important roles:
First, a simple desktop model makes an economical entry-level flow hood for students, hobbyists and other aspiring biologists, helping overcome the biggest stumbling block of newcomers to the field: contamination. Second, a rugged, handheld, fully battery-powered model allows biologists to carry the lab into the field instead of the other way around, enabling research techniques that were never possible before.
Both of these functions promise a revolution in our relationship with our living world. We dream of a new generation of self-appointed scientists, globally connected and locally focused, equipped with the tools and knowledge to make new strides toward understanding, preserving and rejuvenating the Earth’s precious, vulnerable ecologies.
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