Donation-Based Business

Fungaia is a donation-based mushroom company. We care deeply about what we do, and we want to share it with you. We like to think of it as a sliding scale: all of our products are name-your-price, with a suggested donation that we hope is reasonable yets helps cover costs and sustain the work.
We strive to fulfill every order quickly and with love. We ask that our penniless patrons reach out personally. (A short note or word of acknowledgement goes a long way for us.)
We have carefully worked out the most efficient shipping strategy and have incorporated domestic shipping costs into our suggested amounts. We guarantee all of our products, and will issue a prompt replacement or refund if any problems arise.
Shipping insurance is included on all orders of $40 or more. All amounts are listed in US dollars.

International Shipping

Fungaia is global! We love to send mushroom mycelium across borders. This works best for small packages, especially liquid cultures.
Different countries have different rules about importing microorganisms. It can't hurt to check with your country's customs agency to see what species are allowed. We use cold packs to help protect the cultures from extreme temperatures during transit, and purchase insurance on all international shipments. During long-distance travel they may fall dormant, but almost always arrive intact and grow quickly once awakened. We will send a replacement or a refund if there are any problems.
It costs an average of about $20 to ship to most international destinations. Five liquid culture syringes can fit in the small package for the best combined rate. Contact us for an exact shipping quote.