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7lb. Fungaia Cube Kit

Organic mushroom kit optimized for dung-loving mushrooms

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7lb. Fungaia Cube Kit

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Would you believe us if we told you that the all-in-one mushroom grow kit that produces the highest possible yield is also easy for beginners?

Lovingly handcrafted with organic ingredients, this mushroom kit gives your fungus the extravagant banquet it deserves, with no experience or special equipment required. But be warned: this cube kit ain't for squares. Once that mycelium gets running, you'd better be ready to keep up!


This kit is specifically formulated for dung-loving mushrooms and uses pasteurized manure. We do not work with these mushroom varieties at Fungaia, so we have partnered with our friends at True Blue Genetics. to create a unique offer: if you select this option when you order a kit from us, we'll send you a store credit coupon to order your liquid culture separately from TBG. You only pay once, plus you get a nice discount on some great genetics, and the whole thing is covered by our one-of-a-kind joint guarantee.

Thinking Outside the Box

For years we sought the secret of the perfect mushroom kit: ideal ratios, harmonic resonance, the subtle nuance of the fungal dance. Now, there's always room for growth, but we hope you'll agree: it's getting there.

Dung-loving mushrooms thrive in substrate that has been pasteurized, rather than sterilized, to preserve some of its beneficial microorganisms. Most kits avoid this component for simplicity. Instead, we found a middle ground that provides the best environment for the fungus without overcomplicating the process.

You'll appreciate some of the extra details. A little extra air in the grain bag makes it easier to mix, leading to faster and more consistent growth. With just the right amount of water in the bulk substrate, it won't need any misting but the fungus doesn't get soggy. The substrate is packaged in a specialized grow bag with a large, high-airflow 5 micron filter designed for growing the mushrooms right in the bag. No monotub, no mess.

Organic Matters

Mushrooms bioaccumulate toxins at many times the ambient levels of their environment. While this is good news for our soils, it's not for our bodies. With ever-increasing concentrations of pesticides and other toxins in our soil, food and water, it's more important than ever to find sources we can trust. 

At Fertile Substrate, we are meticulous about our ingredients, from our spring water to the pastures where we wrangle the choicest poops. We believe that every detail has significance, and we are dedicated to our craft. It won't be hard to see the difference, and we promise that your fungus will thank you, too.

Our Joint Guarantee

We guarantee that your kit will arrive intact and free of contaminants or we will replace it. Once it has been inoculated, this gurantee only applies if you use a liquid culture from True Blue Genetics. (We have a unique, exclusive agreement with them to share the cost of replacement if problems arise from either of our products.)


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