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Sawdust Spawn

5 lbs. of mature mushroom mycelium on organic supplemented sawdust substrate

5 lbs. organic sawdust spawn
Average Lead Time: 3-4 weeks
$45 - $60 suggested donation

Sawdust spawn is versatile. It can be used outdoors for starting mushroom patches and inoculating logs, and indoors to spawn bulk substrates or as a stand-alone "fruiting block" for simple, small-scale mushroom cultivation.

Our hardwood-based substrate is lovingly mixed by hand in small batches using only wholesome, natural and organic ingredients. High in nitrogen and packed with nutrients, this wood-lover recipe is formulated to maximize biological efficiency and keep the mycelium thriving for many consecutive harvests.

Ingredients: Spring water, wild alder sawdust, organic wheat straw, organic worm castings, organic coconut coir, vermiculite, organic wheat bran, gypsum, chalk, potash.

We do our best to begin custom orders within 1-2 business days. We will inoculate your sawdust spawn, incubate it under observation, mix it when needed and send it when the mycelium has fully enveloped its substrate. We strive to produce spawn that is healthy, vigorous, clean and arrives in a state of active growth, ready for use.

The whole process usually takes 3-4 weeks, though this may vary depending on the species and the phase of the moon. We'll reach out with an ETA as soon as we receive your order, we'll keep you in the loop about its progress and we'll send you a shipment notification with tracking as soon as it's ready.

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