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Lion's Mane

Hericium erinaceus

Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus)
12cc liquid culture syringe
$15 - $25 suggested donation
Lion's Mane, long prized by foragers, has recently become one of the most popular, sought-after gourmet mushrooms in the world, and for good reason. Not only is it sublimely delicious, emerging research strongly indicates that it confers unparalleled medicinal benefits in support of cognitive function, purportedly aiding the body in the regeneration of neural pathways and, notably, mylin, a fatty insulative sheath critical to effective neurotransmission.

Lion's Mane has a distinct morphology, forming large, cascading clusters of spore-bearing spines, from which it earns the name. It has a distinct flavor akin to crab meat, and I like it best sliced thinly and ever-so-briefly seared in browned butter. It pairs well with almost any dish, but is such a delicacy I always eat it on its own.

Well-adapted to a broad range of climates and wood types, this species is an ideal candidate for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It fruits readily within 3-4 weeks of inoculation into pasteurized or sterilized substrates, and is a relatively easy mushroom to grow at home, as it prefers lower relative humidity and greater airflow than many other widely cultivated gourmet species. It exhibits distinctly irregular dendritic growth in culture, and can often be observed producing fruitbodies on petri dishes long before it has grown to fill them, a habit I intuit as a desperate effort to get the hell out of its sterile, solitary confinement and back into the wild, free, spore-laden world. Casual observation suggests to me that this species prefers to grow in concert with other microorganisms, where it can intertwine among, rather than overtake, its companions.

I have been avidly collecting, working with and breeding numerous strains of Hericium erinaceus over the years. The culture I offer here is the culmination of countless trials and experiments to challenge, persuade and reinvigorate the most promising candidates from spore isolations, clones, and other open-source culture suppliers, in an effort to make it the best possible contribution to the community.


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