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Chestnut Mushroom

Pholiota adiposa

Chestnut Mushroom (Pholiota adiposa)
12cc liquid culture syringe
$15 - $25 suggested donation
The Chestnut mushroom is a choice edible. Closely related to the beloved Nameko, it is far less slimy and equally easy to grow, and so has become one of the most popular cultivated gourmet mushrooms in the West. It has a charming appearance, forming tight clusters with scaly caps, a pleasant crunch, and a distinct but mild nutty flavor that can integrate with a wide variety of dishes. While it is named for its preferred hardwood host, the Chestnut mushroom could just as easily be nicknamed for its resemblance.

A vigorous, adaptive and graceful specimen, P. adiposa fruits readily from supplemented sawdust blocks using standard commercial cultivation techniques. It is cold-triggered, prefers a horizontal surface, and may benefit from the application of a casing layer. The clustering allows for efficient harvesting, it has a good self life, and its versatility and appealing appearance make it a top seller of many gourmet mushroom producers.


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