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Wine Cap, Garden Giant

Stropharia rugosoannulata

Wine Cap, Garden Giant (Stropharia rugosoannulata)
12cc liquid culture syringe
$15 - $25 suggested donation
It was a sunny day after heavy spring rains when a lovely visitor graced the herb patch. Emerging from a long-forgotten spawn bed sown a year prior, Queen Stropharia peeked its rosy face through the tarragon and thyme and offered a gracious reminder that the subtle influences of our choices continue winding their threads below the surface long after we’ve left them behind in our other pursuits, some day to yield results we perhaps foresaw but did not expect.

The Wine Cap is, in many ways, the most ideal species for first-time mushroom growers. Though difficult to grow in a controlled environment, it thrives when given a chance to integrate and partner with other soil microbes in gardens, flower beds and permaculture systems. Easily spawned in layers with cardboard and mulch when preparing the garden beds during the spring or fall, this prolific and meaty character supports a healthy soil food web while rewarding the cultivator with hefty harvests year after year.

Like a treasure hunt that ends with a feast, both the children and the young-at-heart will find great joy uncovering these tasty toadstools among the herbs and nightshades.

Like us, Stropharia grows slowly and anemically in isolation, and needs periodic disturbance to invigorate its expansion.


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