Agar Media

Organic, pure, laboratory-grade gelidium agar powder and media premix

Organic Agar and Media Premix

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Pure from the Source

We use only the highest quality bacteriology-grade organic agar powder. Available in half-pound and one-pound bottles.

"Blagar" Agar Media Premix

Our all-time favorite recipe, this jet-black agar media is packed with nutrients to keep your fungus happy and healthy. Just mix with water, sterilize and enjoy!

We use only the finest organic ingredients and prepare each batch by hand to ensure the perfect balance.

Directions: Mix 25 grams media with 500 mL water (50 g / L). Sterilize for 45 minutes at 15 p.s.i. and pour while hot.

Organic Matters

Mushrooms bioaccumulate toxins at many times the ambient levels of their environment. While this is good news for our soils, it's not for our bodies. With ever-increasing concentrations of pesticides and other toxins in our soil, food and water, it's more important than ever to find sources we can trust. 

At Fertile Substrate, we are meticulous about our ingredients, from our spring water to the pastures where we wrangle the choicest poops. We believe that every detail has significance, and we are dedicated to our craft. It won't be hard to see the difference, and we promise that your fungus will thank you, too.


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